August 2012 Vietnam Trip Report

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This year marked our second annual trip to Vietnam. We visited 8 orphanages, and a mental institute, and a leper center.
Thanks to the regular support from H4VO, Thiên Bình and T
Hnh have been able to take in more orphans. To help with the cost of diapers and milk, H4VO accepted 8 more new babies during this trip to help with the cost of diapers and milk. We also treated everyone at Thiên Bình with a barbecue feast.

At Di
u Giác, the number of orphans remains the same. One orphan from Diu Giác has gotten a scholarship to Richmond College in Dallas, Texas. H4VO is in discussion with our affiliate, VNHelp to see how we can help with financial support for him. We also treated everyone at Diu Giác with a barbecue.

For all 500 patients at the mental institute, we served everyone with a bowl of soup and drink. We also presented each family at the institute with 200,000 VND. (Note that all donations and costs from this trip come from personal funds, and not from the H4VO donations.) and treated everyone to a nice lunch.

We also visited many orphanages that are not sponsored by H4VO. The purpose of these visits is to help our affiliated orphanages connect with other orphanages in the region, and to learn from the success of other orphanages. We also want to see if there are things we could help with at those orphanages, whether it be one-time financial donations, or fostering collaborations among different orphanages.

This trip would not have been made possible without the support of many friends of H4VO that joined us on the trip.

Our thanks to Kathy, who joined us for the second year. Kathy hang out with the orphans at Thiên Bình for one week. Kathy also donated 150 presents for the children at the leper center. Our thanks to Mr. Ngô
Đức Hòang director of ICDREC (, a university in Vietnam for donating 3,000,000 VND, and for introducing his teenage daughter and her friend (Vi & Vivian) to volunteering at Thiên Bình for several days.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank Rocky and his friends, Annika, alicia, and Sean as they conclude their volunteer mission at Thiên Bình. Sean helped build a guest house at Thiên Bình. Annika and Alicia spent most of their time taking care of the babies.

And most of all, we would like to thank all of you who have been supporting H4VO mission for all these years. Without your support, none of these successes would have been possible.

ng Trn.