Orphan Scholarship

One of the main goals for H4VO is supporting the children with vocational and college education.

We work with Catholic College ( Trường Cao Đẵng) Hòa Bình Xuân Lộc, This is the first ever Catholic College in Viet Nam. The school is managed by Catholic priests and experienced professors and teachers.

The program starts with children entering 10th grade. The children takes both vocational program and academic program. They will graduate with both vocational certificate and high school diploma. The student can choose to continue (or enter the program directly) to college level and graduate with engineering degree. We had 3 students from Thiên Bình orphanage completed this program and currently working in Sai Gon. Another 8 students continues the at vocational, high school, and college levels. This is boarding school.

We work directly with Cha Uy (father Uy) to support the scholarship program for all sponsored orphanages. In addition, Thiên Bình orphanage offers assistant for the orphans during the biweekly breaks. The scholarship is $400-$500/year for a student. Please support our program to provide future for the orphans.

The vocational program consists of 19 subjects and the college program consists of 13 subjects. The subjects include IT, PC and laptop repair, restaurant management, travel tour guide, fashion design, carpenter, AC/refrigerator repair, landscaping design, electronics, auto repair...

The cost for 1 year scholarship program at an orphan is $400/year. If you wish to make donation specifically towards this program, please indicate so on the donation form.

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