Program Overview

Hope For Viet Orphans is seeking to improve the lives of Vietnamese orphans through partnerships with the administrative staff of the orphan institutions. Based on the current funding that we received through donation, H4VO is supporting the following institutions:

As we secure more funding, we shall support additional orphan institutions or expand existing programs to ensure individual orphanages or program are adequately funded.

Through our flagship Sponsor-An-Orphanage program, general donations, our projects focus on improving the following aspects of the orphans' well-being:

  • Daily needs: We work with the administrators at the orphanages to supplement the children's daily nutritional needs, especially for children under two years of age. For older children, part of our funding is used for purchasing extra clothes, school supplies, and other life conveniences beyond the bare necessities that the orphanages already provide.
  • Health: H4VO partners with our sponsors to provide annual dental service for the children. We are also in the process of establishing partnerships with other non-profits to provide medical well-checks for the children.
  • Education: We encourage and enable the orphans to stay in school and pursue higher education. Through your generous donations, we work with the administrators at the orphanages to supplement their fundings for purchasing school uniforms, school supplies, and special school needs (such as bicycles for long school commutes). We also promise the orphans full grants for college, including room and board.

    Additionally, we subsidize the cost of after-school tutoring, built computer labs and organized weekly computer classes for high-school-aged children.

  • Self-reliance: For orphans who wish to master a particular trade, we provide full funding for vocational programs.

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.
-- Winston Churchill