2014 News & Activities

H4VO 2014 Newsletter
Our 2014 annual report is now available.

Help an orphan overcome medical issues
H4VO is working with Thien Binh orphanage to help an orphan with medical issues. She was diagnosed with multiple health issues: Hydrocephalus (water in the brain), no hip bones, only one kidney, no anus, and all critical tubes merged into one. The brain surgery is most critical and was successfully performed. The second surgery with external anus was done, and she recovered well. There are multiple surgeries to correct the other issues over one year. The estimated costs for all procedures is $5000-$10000.

Here are some of her photos

Second Annual Spirit of Christmas
H4VO gratefully express our appreciation to Villa Song for hosting second annual The Spirit of Christmas fundraising event, benefiting H4VO. The event was held on December 7 with Ms. Van Nguyen and Bich Dung as representatives for H4VO. Some children from Thien Binh orphanage were also present to greet guests.

With the success of last year's event at Villa Song Hotel, Ms. Quoico established the English program at Thien Binh orphanage. The children excel in English at school and are much more confident with speaking English. If anyone visits Thien Binh, please check out their English skill. I cannot wait to talk to them this coming summer. We would like to shout "thank you" to Ms. Ines Quoico of Villa Song Hotel and Ms. Nhan Nguyen, English teacher.

We would like to duplicate the English program at other orphanages. Ms. Nhan has agreed to teach at another orphanage. Hope and future for the children are our goals. Please donate to support these programs.

KIND Gala fundraising event
KIND Gala on November 22 was a huge success! It was a joint fundraiser of VNHELP and Hope for Viet Orphans (H4VO).

Besides raising funds for programs assisting children in Vietnam, the two co-founders – Thu Do of VNHELP and Thang Tran of H4VO – officially announced the incorporation of H4VO into VNHELP. H4VO has become an affiliate of VNHELP and will continue to focus on programs helping Vietnamese orphans. Thang joined the VNHELP Board of Directors earlier this year; his first initiative is to merge the two Sponsor A Child Programs for consistency and resource sharing. In their opening remarks, the two leaders believed the combined strengths will triple or quadruple the impacts of their programs in Vietnam.

KIND stands for Kids In Need of Dreams.

Here are some photos from the event.

Our trip to Vietnam this summer
This summer, we again travel to Vietnam to visit the children. We visited 6 orphanages. We awarded the children who did well in school last year with gifts and treats for all the children. Please read our trip report here.

The drawing below by an orphan at Mai Am Guise and was given to us as a gift during our visit (click on the drawing for larger view).

Here are some photos from our trip.

Villa Song is helping Thien Binh orphanage with iPads
Villa Song is spearheading a program to provide Thien Binh with 15 iPads for reading and learning English. Some of the funding came from this past Christmas fundraising event (also hosted by Villa Song), and had been used to purchase 4 iPads. H4VO also donated 2 additional iPads to Thien Binh.

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.
-- Winston Churchill