Our Staff

Thang Tran
Austin, Texas

Other charities: Mr. Thang Tran is a sponsor of two children from Bolivia and Tanzania through World Vision. He is also a regular donor for smiletrain.org, Komen Austin Race For the Cure (Women Cancer), and for other causes such as Haiti earth quake relief, blood bank donation, and VNHelp charity.

"Like many Vietnamese living outside of Vietnam, I donated to various orphanages upon my trips back to Vietnam during the last three years. With the launch of Hope for Viet Orphans (H4VO) project, I hope to attract both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese donors who would like to make differences in the Viet orphans’ lives. The orphans, just like many other children, deserve to have a basic level of living, to be nurtured, and be given the opportunity to reach their dreams. All of these can be achieved by the H4VO project with the support from volunteers and donors."

Khoa To
Seattle, Washington

"When it comes to charities, helping unfortunate children has always been at the top of my list. Every year, millions of children are denied the many basic needs that I would never let my children be without. These children are the most innocent victims of circumstances. They did not ask to be born into poverty, abuse, or orphanage. They are also the most defenseless victims; some are too young to even realize their own predicaments.

I am glad to have the opportunity to work with Hope For Viet Orphans. The work that H4VO and other similar organizations do not only improve the quality of life and provide opportunities for these children to achieve their dreams, but also let the children know they are not being forgotten."

Dominique Dinh
Olney, Maryland

Other charities: Volunteer at Rainbow Shelter for Homeless Women (Rockville, MD); volunteer for SOME (So Others May Eat) at St. Peter's Church (Olney, MD); donor of various leprosy villages (Vietnam); blood bank donor, disaster relief donor, and community service volunteer as sponsored by Lockheed Martin Corporation (Bethesda, MD)

"Children, especially children in need, had always been one of my passions. Prior to working with Hope For Viet Orphans, we have worked with Catholic nuns at Regina Mundi, our old school in Saigon, for the last 25 years, sponsoring the education of 8 children, 1/2 of them now adults and two had finished college. As we kept in touch with these families and proudly watched the children grow over the years, from elementary school through college, it brought us great happiness to know that our commitment had kept the children in school and given them the skills for a better life.

I recently was introduced to H4VO by Thang and Lien, and I got immediately hooked!! It is great to have met a group of people who share my compassion, who had dedicated a lot of time and hard work, who had followed through with solid commitment, all with the common goal of serving children in needs. I thank the team for the opportunity to work with you all, toward reaching our dream of providing the orphans not only with their basic needs but also the skills and knowledge that will enhance their opportunity in life."