About Us

Hope For Viet Orphans (H4VO) is a charity organization founded in 2009. The organization is dedicated to providing long-term help to Vietnamese orphans. H4VO's focus is not only to provide daily needs, but also to prepare the orphans to be self-reliant through vocational training and grants for higher education.

H4VO is merging with VNHELP, a well-established and reputable nonprofit, tax-exempt, charity organization since 1991. Hence donation to H4VO is tax-exempt.

H4VO staff members are also the participants of global and local charities, such as World Vision, Smile Train, Komen Austin Race For the Cure (Women Cancer), Blood Bank, VNHelp, Meals On Wheels, Doctors without Borders.

Program Focus
Daily well-being: Through our flagship Sponsor-A-Child program, we work with the adminstrative staff at various orphanges in Vietnam to improve the daily life of the orphans, from daily nutrional needs to appliances and other conveniences.

Health:We partner with friends of H4VO, both individuals and non-profits, to provide annual dental and medical screenings and treatments for the children.

Education: We encourage and enable the orphans to seek higher eduation through our fundings for grade school needs and grants for higher education.

Self-reliance: For orphans who wish to master a particular trade, we provide full funding for vocational programs.

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.
-- Winston Churchill